A Picture a Week 2002

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The inspiration for this project was Kyle Cassidy of the Leica User Group (LUG), the objective is to post a picture each week during the year of 2002.

Comments can be sent to my email address leica@steveunsworth.co.uk

Week 1 The dance begins

Week 2 Blinded by the light

Week 3 I don't like mornings

Week 4 Why should I buy a postcard?

Week 5 Skating away

Week 6 Taken on a bridge

Week 7 Do I know you?

Week 8 Chinese New Year in Northern Europe

Week 9 Is that a Leica?

Week 10 The new part of an old city

Week 11 Just a smile, just a glance

Week 12 Not everyone remembered to bring a camera

Week 13 The spaceship has landed

Week 14 The future is all downhill

Week 15 Wet, wet, wet

Week 16 rue Moufftard (slight return)

Week 17

Week 18 La Haine

Week 19 Cool jazz on a warm afternoon

Week 20 More music

Week 21 Lovers

Week 22 Caution child at work

Week 23 A busker, even more music

Week 24 Lunch

Week 25 Yet More Music

Week 26 Not in Paris!

Week 27 Back to Paris - Girl talk

Week 28 The 14th of July

Week 29 We've found an extra seat!

Week 30 Le tour

Week 31 the one that's getting away

Week 32 Portrait

Week 33 Looking at a lake

Week 34 Pétanque

Week 35 Heads you win

Week 36 Just around the corner

Week 37 Someone sees something

Week 38 Hello

Week 39 Grinding

Week 40 What fire?

Week 41 Waiting for dinner

Week 42 Dancing to the wedding

Week 43 Father's little helper

Week 44 Speed is everything

Week 45 It's a bear

Week 46 Prof at work

Week 47 Ready for action

Week 48 It's all a game

Week 49 Out of my league

Week 50 Watching the clock

Week 51 Rowing

Week 52 Just make up your minds

Week 53 Back to buskers